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Hi everyone, RIDE held their second assessment webinar on Wednesday. Below you will find the follow up email from RIDE. I wanted to also share some information from the webinar: RIDE’s website is currently having technical issues which is inhibiting their ability to upload files, such as webinar recordings and testing manuals. This means that there are no SY 22-23 manuals or recordings available on their test administration site. Please find the RISAP Test Coordinator Guide to Required Training. This document contains all of the required training dates as well as the links to sign up for each training. Please ensure that you and your testing coordinators have signed up for all necessary training in order to be fully trained for the assessments that will be administered at your school. We will be updating all materials in the 2023 State Assessment Folder We will also be updating the Assessment page on the website as well. Nancy will send out that notification as we get more assessment information. Please reach out with any questions. Thanks, Mike
Posted by Nancy Pirnie  On Oct 24, 2022 at 8:29 AM